Revival Gold is a growth-focused gold exploration and development company. Revival Gold’s key project is the Beartrack-Arnett Gold Project located about 33 miles by road from the city of Salmon, Idaho.

The city of Salmon dates to the 1860’s when gold was first discovered at Leesburg on the present-day Beartrack-Arnett property. Today Salmon is home to about 3,000 people. Ranching, seasonal tourism and mining and exploration are the principal drivers of the city’s private sector employment.

Idaho’s first Governor, Mr. George Laird Shoup, hails from Salmon. Governor Shoup was a soldier, an early pioneer, a merchant and a miner and in 1897 he patented the first lode claim on the present-day Arnett Property (“Arnett”).

The first modern mine at Beartrack-Arnett was put into operation in the 1990’s by Meridian Gold Company (now Yamana Gold Inc.).  The mine ceased operations when the price of gold fell below US$300/oz and Meridian found better opportunities outside the United States.  Today the price of gold is much improved and the business environment for basic industries in the United States is much more favorable.

Beartrack is situated on patented (privately owned) and US Forest Service land (Salmon-Challis National Forest).  To learn more about mineral exploration and development on US Forest Service land, you can read this white paper prepared by Revival Gold.  The US Forest Service also has plenty of information on its website:

Beartrack employed approximately 150 people when it was operating and approximately 500 people while being constructed.  In a town of 3,000 people, the mine was a very significant employer and contributor to the local and state tax base and community initiatives.  Revival Gold currently employs or contracts approximately two dozen people out of Salmon on a full time and seasonal basis to carry out exploration activities at Beartrack-Arnett.

Revival Gold believes in engaging the local community whenever possible. For example, by hosting annual open house meetings where members of the local community can meet management, learn more about the projects and have their questions answered; by hiring local contractors/employees and engaging local service providers wherever possible; through its membership in the local Chamber of Commerce; by supporting local hockey and other local community interests; by hosting periodic site visits for state and local government representatives and other interested parties; and by active and constructive engagement with non-profit organizations, etc.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about how Revival Gold engages with the community, please feel free to reach out to either our Salmon or Toronto office.  Contact details for each can be found under the Contact tab.